Launched April 28, 1981 as the lake bulk carrier Lake Wabush, this Seaway sized vessel was built by Collingwood Shipyards, Collingwood, ON for Nipigon Transports Ltd. She is powered by 2 Krupp MAK model 6M552AK 5,100 b.h.p. diesel engines burning intermediate grade 180 fuel driving an 18 foot controllable pitch propeller through a gear reduction box giving her a rated service speed of 17.3 m.p.h. Her power can be controlled either directly from the bridge or from the engine room. She is equipped with a 1,000 horsepower bow thruster. Her 17 hatches feed into 6 holds where she can carry 26,500 tons at maximum Seaway draft of 26 feet and is capable of carrying 30,550 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 29 feet 2 inches. The vessel's capacities include 238 tonnes of fuel oil, 213 tonnes of diesel oil, 72 tonnes of potable water and 16,618 tonnes of water ballast.
Capt. Henry Jackman