The prototype to this design hull number 00712 would be constructed in 1974, in the form of American Steamships Co.’s (ASC) Sam Laud. Between the years of 1974 and 1981 four of the new River class of vessels would be launched at Bay Ship. In 1978 hull number 00721 the Buffalo was christened and delivered again to ASC. In 1979 the Columbia Transportation Division of Oglebay Norton would take delivery of hull number 00722 the Fred R. White Jr. The fourth ship, Hull number 00724 the American Republic, (which would sail in 1981 would be a highly specialized vessel) and once again be sailing under ASC colors. American Shipbuilding would also construct three new “River Class” vessels in the 1970’s. These would become Kinsman Marine's Paul Thayer, and William R. Roesch, and Columbia Transportation’s Wolverine. These three ships would be slightly smaller and less powerful.
American Courage