The Great Lakes self-unloading bulk carrier Algowood was built by Collingwood Shipyards, Collingwood, ON and was launched Oct. 7, 1980 for Algoma Central Corp., Sault Ste. Marie, ON. The Algowood was named in honor or her builder's community; the fifth and final vessel built here having this distinction. She is powered by 2 M.A.K. model 6M552 6-cylinder 5100 horsepower diesel engines driving a single controllable pitch propeller giving her a rated service speed of 13 knots and is equipped with a 1,000 horsepower bow thruster. Her 22 hatches feed into 5 holds where she can carry 27,100 tons at maximum Seaway draft of 26 feet and is capable of carrying 31,750 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 29 feet 2 inches. The Algowood's self-unloading equipment consists of two-belt gravity system with a loop belt elevator feeding a stern-mounted 260 foot unloading boom that can be swung 90 degrees to port or starboard and discharge at a rate of up to 5,440 tons/hour. Built with a bulbous bow for operating in ice, the Algowood can sail early or late into the navigation season and is at home on coastal waters as well as the Great Lakes.