Built by Port Weller Dry Docks, St. Catharines, ON; the Algoma Transport (2) was launched April 17, 1979 for Algoma Central Corporation, St. Catharines, ON. This Great Lakes self-unloading bulk carrier is powered by twin M.A.N. type 8L40/54A 8-cylinder diesel engines rated at 9,860 total b.h.p. driving a controllable pitch propeller giving her a rated service speed of 13 knots. She is equipped with a 1,000 horsepower bow thruster. The Algoma Transport has 22 hatches feeding 1 large hold where she can carry 26,900 tons at maximum Seaway draft of 26 feet and is capable of carrying 35,100 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 30 feet 10 inches. Her self-unloading equipment consists of a single belt gravity system with a reclaiming machine and a loop belt elevator feeding a 250 foot discharge boom that can be swung 100 degrees to port or starboard. The system can discharge at a rate of up to 6,096 tonnes per hour. Only one man is required to operate the unloading console in the forecastle deck control room. The crew of thirty have the use of an on-board sauna and exercise room.
Algoma Transport