Originally sailing as the British deep sea bulk carrier Demeterton; this vessel was launched Jan.26, 1967 for the Cambay Steamship Co. built by J. Redhead & Sons Ltd., South Shields, U.K. Her original dimensions were 566'11" (loa) x 74'09" x 43'04" with a capacity of 21,105 tons. She was (and still is) powered by a Doxford type 76JT4 9,680 horsepower 4-cylinder piston diesel engine giving her a rated service speed of 14.5 knots. The Demeterton was lengthened in 1969 to 646'11" (loa) with her capacity increased to 25,550 tons. April 4, 1975 saw the Demeterton renamed St. Lawrence Navigator as she was acquired by Upper Lakes Group, Toronto, ON. Her duties were focused on iron ore runs on the St. Lawrence River. She was also involved in an experimental run of coal cargo from Vancouver, BC to Hamilton, ON in 1976 and a grain trip to Gdansk, Poland in 1977.
Algoma Navigator