This oil products tanker was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Shimonoseki, Japan as their hull #779 and was launched October 4, 1976 as the Texaco Brave (2) for owners Texaco Canada Ltd., Don Mills, ON. Originally built as a single hulled tanker to ice class “1A” standards, the ship was constructed outside the British Commonwealth by the granting of a waiver issued by the Canadian Government at the time due to all of the Canadian shipyards being fully booked and Texaco Canada’s immediate requirements for additional new tonnage. On January 8, 1977; the Texaco Brave departed on her maiden voyage in ballast from Japan to Hawaii, then on to Port of Spain, Trinidad where a cargo of "lub. oil" was loaded on board bound for Toronto, ON. On board for the maiden voyage was Anil Soni, later a Captain and now Master Mariner and Regional Ship Inspector for the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, St. Catharines, ON. The Texaco Brave was officially registered under the Canadian flag on February 11, 1977.